Writer Wednesday - T.M. Caruana

Inpired by more than a century of exploration
Today we welcome the talented, and prolific author, T.M. Caruana to the blog for #WriterWednesday!

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120x600 logo and orange back groundWhat prompted you to write this particular book
I entered into a multi-author box set collaboration and the theme was for paranormal romance. I have always liked this genre as well as my favourite, Epic Fantasy. I thought that a black dragon curse would be a lovely twist on a romantic story about a kiss of deceit instead of a true love’s kiss.

What do you do when you're not writing? 
When I’m not writing, I’m reading, or marketing my books. I host a YouTube book review channel, so I work a lot with movie editing.

Do you plot your books or plot them as you go? 
As a minimum I plot the general idea of the book with the endgame in mind, so I know where I’m heading. Some series I outline for a long while. I started plotting a trilogy in the beginning of January 2019 which I’m not finished with yet.

Is there any kind of take-away you want your readers to take with them when you’re finished with your books? 
I always try to have a moral to my books. Probably about love, kindness and charity, mixed in with some intrigues and villains. The Science Series is a bit more extensive in its message as it debates life’s existence, through a Quest Fantasy. This series is a mind twister, like the Sixth Sense film, where I hope that the reader will have to go back and read from the start to see all the hidden clues once they’ve finished it.

What made you start writing in the first place? 
As a girl I had a half an hour walk to school when I loved to imagine different stories to make the walk pass more quickly. I found the stories were influenced by Walt Disney classics, where I enjoyed heroic journeys either as a princess or a kick-ass heroine. I had quite a rough childhood and hence this was my way of escaping the everyday miseries and into a world of my own. I suppose old habits die hard. To this day I enjoy the limitless boundaries that the fantasy and sci-fi genres offer.

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  1. I like what inspired you to write in the first place!

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Writer Wednesday - T.M. Caruana

Today we welcome the talented, and prolific author, T.M. Caruana to the blog for #WriterWednesday! Click on these hot book covers to ...